Dessert Menu

Our menu items and prices are subject to change due to seasonal availability. This is a sample menu only.
Produzione Propria – All desserts made on the premises.
Valentino al Cioccolato (GF) 14.50
“Oh Mamma Mia” One for the chocolate lovers. Extra chocolate chocolate cake. Rich, dark and delicious. Served with spiced red wine pears and sweetened mascarpone.
Rhubarb, Apple and Ginger Steamed Pudding 14.50
Perfectly spiced pudding served with crème anglaise, poached rhubarb, vanilla bean ice cream and a nut praline.
Baked White Chocolate and Lime Cheesecake 14.50
New York style cheesecake infused with lime and white chocolate. Served with soft cream and poached mandarin.
Crème Brulee 14.50
Rich baked vanilla bean custard. Smooth and silky with a crisp caramelised top. Served with a lemon shortbread finger.
Tiramisu 14.50
The Italian pick-me-up cake. Layers of marsala and coffee soaked sponge fingers together with mascarpone and shaved chocolate. Drizzled with an espresso coffee reduction.
Double Chocolate Brownie (GF) 14.50
A classic! Served warm with salted caramel sauce, vanilla bean ice cream and a mini iced chocolate milkshake.
Lemoncello Semifredo Terrine 14.50
Sponge fingers soaked in Lemoncello, layered with creamy mascarpone, served semi frozen with strawberry compote.
Truffles 3.50 each
Chocolate, rum, fruit and nut.