Dinner Menu

Our menu items and prices are subject to change due to seasonal availability. This is a sample menu only.



Wood Fired Flatbreads (v)
• Garlic, rosemary and rock salt finished with parmesan 12.00
• Basil pesto, chilli and parmesan 13.50
• Caramelised onion and feta 13.50
Tomato bruschetta 14.50 (v)
Grilled ciabatta bread, rubbed with garlic and topped with a salsa of vine ripened tomato, red onion and fresh basil. Finished with extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic.
Focaccia bruschetta with four pestos 13.00 (v)
Four pieces of focaccia brushed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic, grilled and served with four seasonal pestos.



Olive marinate 10.00 (v)
Selection of olives marinated with fennel, orange, rosemary and garlic. Served gently warmed.
Zuppa di pesce 14.50
Seafood chowder made with fresh local seafood. Topped with garlic croutons and served with warmed ciabatta.
Arancini 16.50 (v)
Risotto balls – mushroom, spinach and taleggio crumbed and lightly fried. Served with housemade tomato chutney.
Chicken liver and brandy parfait 15.50
Served with port wine jelly, gherkins and chargrilled ciabatta.
Antipasto platter 34.00
A selection of continental meats, local and imported cheeses, sundried tomatoes, pickled vegetables, housemade chutney and pesto, olives, grissini breadsticks and other seasonal goodies.
Arrosticini entree 15.50 main 24.00
Traditional Italian lamb skewers, marinated in garlic, lemon and rosemary. Chargrilled and served with lemon, sea salt and salsa verde.
Ravioloni Fritti entree 12.00 main 22.00
Crispy fried ravioli stuffed with three cheeses. Sprinkled with parmesan and served with a tomato and herb napoletana sauce.
Cozze entrée 17.50 main 25.00
Fresh Malborough mussels in the shell with a fresh tomato, white wine, chilli, garlic and basil sauce. Served with grilled ciabatta
Calamari 17.50
Fresh local squid marinated in light chilli and lemon, coated in sea salt and cracked black pepper. Lightly fried and served crisp with a manuka smoked garlic and lemon aioli.
Gamberi all’aglio 20.00
Lemon garlic and parsley marinated prawns, tossed with chorizo, peppers and tomatoes. Served with grilled ciabatta.
Capesante con prosciutto 20.00
Fresh scallops grilled and served on a potato rosti with rocket. Topped with crisp prosciutto.


All our pizzas are hand stretched and made traditional style on a thin crispy base, plate size (30cm/12 in) and cooked in our wood fired oven. Gluten free base available at an extra $2.00 per pizza. Additional toppings $2.00 each. For half and half pizza, please add $2.00

Margherita 21.50 (v)
Traditional. Napoli style tomato sauce, Clevedon Valley buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil.
Porcino 23.50 (v)
Portabello, porcini and button mushrooms, taleggio and mozzarella. Finished with truffle oil.
Pepperoni 23.50
Tomato, Italian pepperoni, onions, capsicum and mushrooms.
Genovese 24.50
Basil pesto, wood fire roasted chicken, pumpkin, pinenuts, brie, red onion, spinach.
Patata 23.50
Thin sliced seasoned potato, bacon, rosemary, rocksalt. Finished with truffle oil.
Al salmone 24.50
Cold smoked salmon, tomato, red onion, cream cheese, capers and dill.
San marco 23.50
Manuka smoked speck bacon, garlic cloves, sliced vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, black olives, bocconcini cheese and a touch of chilli.
Porchetta 24.50
Manuka smoked pork, marinated in a tangy sauce, red onions, green peppers, bocconcini cheese and cherry tomatoes. Finished with fresh lime coriander and chilli.
Diavola 23.50
Hot sopressa salami, cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli, buffalo mozzerella, fresh basil.
Pera 23.50
Wood fire roasted pear, gorganzola, proscuitto
Puttanesca 23.50
Cherry tomatoes, Clevedon Valley buffalo mozzarella, roast garlic, black olives, capers, anchovy, chilli and parsley.
Gamberetti 24.50
Prawns, prosciutto, spinach, red capsicum, cherry tomatoes and a touch of chilli.
Molto carne 24.50
Italian sausages, salami, Italian style bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives.
Agnello fumato 24.50
Manuka smoked tomato and sweet paprika base topped with house smoked lamb fillet, caramelised onion, red peppers, spinach and feta.
Frutti di mare 24.50
Classic seafood pizza. A selection of local calamari, prawns, scallops, shrimps and mussels topped with spring onions.
Piccante 24.50
Wood fire roasted chicken, caramelised onion, spinach, mushroom and pinenuts. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and shaved parmesan.
Alpina 23.50
Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, blue cheese, prosciutto, rocket, shaved pecorino.
Calzone 22.50
Mini venison meat balls, tomato, basil, red onion, chilli and mozzarella.



Add a skewer for an extra 6.00. Chicken, Lamb or Smoked Salmon

Caesar salad 19.50
Our version of this classic with Romaine lettuce, grilled pancetta, sundried tomatoes, anchovies, shaved parmesan, soft boiled egg and red onion with garlic croutons and anchovy dressing.
Mediterranean salad 19.50 (v)
With root vegetable crisps, balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes, artichokes, eggplant, feta cheese, rosemary roasted pecans, red peppers and olives. Tossed with mixed greens.
Insalata Paesana 21.50
Warm Manuka smoked tomatoes, blue cheese, roasted kumara, avocado and smokey bacon with mixed salad greens and a walnut and raspberry vinaigrette.


Gluten free pasta available at an extra 2.00 per serve

Pesto linguine 19.50 (v)
Fresh linguine pasta tossed with a pesto of fresh basil, pinenuts, garlic and parmesan in a light cream sauce. With free range chicken breast add 5.00
Polpettine di cervo 22.50
Spiced venison meatballs. Served with a red wine, basil, garlic and tomato sauce on freshly made spaghetti.
Fettuccine apollo 23.50
Fresh flat pasta tossed with smoked chicken, bacon, onions and mushrooms with a touch of chilli. Cream or tomato and herb napoletana sauce.
Fettuccine al salmone e vodka 22.50
Smoked salmon, beet greens, onion, garlic and capers with a dash of lemon infused vodka. Cream or tomato and herb napoletana sauce.
Pappardelle Steffano 23.50
Fresh pappardelle tossed with lamb fillet, marsala, field mushrooms, lemon, garlic, a touch of chilli and topped with ricotta.
Rigatoni zucca arrostita e pollo affumicato 23.50
Fresh hollow tube pasta. Tossed with roast pumpkin, smoked chicken, spinach and roast garlic cream sauce. Topped with sundried tomato pesto.
Linguine siciliana 24.50
Linguine pasta tossed with peeled prawns, chorizo, garlic, tomatoes, zucchini and E.V. Olive oil.
Linguine marinara 23.50
A selection of premium local seafood tossed with coriander and linguine pasta, in a lemon infused E.V. olive oil or tomato and herb napoletana sauce.
Penne basilicata 23.50
Fresh penne pasta tossed with Canterbury lamb fillet. Pan seared with manuka smoked tomatoes, feta and spinach. Tossed with sweet chilli and sundried tomato infused olive oil and topped with shaved parmesan.
Changes daily. Wait staff will advise.
Rigatoni cardinale 23.50
Tube pasta tossed with chicken breast, sundried tomatoes, chopped spring onions and fresh Italian parsley, with a touch of sundried tomato pesto. Traditional cream or tomato and herb napoletana sauce.
Linguine carbonara 22.50
Our version of this classic. Streaky bacon, mushrooms tossed with egg and a touch of cream. Finished with pecorino and truffle oil.
Spaghetti bolognese 21.50
Fresh round pasta with the traditional Italian ragu of ground beef and pork, red wine, herbs and freshly peeled tomatoes, topped with parmesan.
Linguine pollo e pistacchi 23.50
Smoked chicken and pistachios with marsala, lemon zest and green grapes, tossed with linguine pasta in extra virgin olive oil.
Bucatini al arrabbiata 22.50
So-called ‘angry pasta’ because of it’s heat. Bucatini pasta tossed with house manuka smoked bacon, chilli, garlic and fresh basil in a tomato and herb napoletana sauce.
Pappardelle al ragu di guanciale 21.50
Braised beef cheek ragu, slow braised with garlic, vegetables and red wine tossed with fresh pappardelle.
Gnocchi 22.50 (v)
Potato and parmesan gnocchi, tossed with eggplant, zucchini, roast garlic, red peppers and spinach in a roast tomato sauce. Topped with mozzarella and ovenbaked.
Cannelloni 22.50 (v)
Spinach, mushroom and ricotta filled cannelloni. Topped with a fresh tomato and basil sauce and sundried tomato pesto.
Lasagne al forno 23.50
Herbed low fat ground beef and pork with tomato, onions, garlic and vegetables between sheets of fresh pasta. Topped with béchamel, parmesan, tomato and herb napoletana sauce and house made basil pesto.



Filetto di salmone 36.00
Fresh Malborough salmon fillet, pan roasted with seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes, saffron potatoes and lemon butter.
Pesce del giorno – market price
Today’s fish of the day. Wait staff will advise.
Veal parmigiano 36.00
Southland Veal escalops coated with focaccia crumbs, panfried, topped with tomato napoletana sauce and mozzarella with rosemary roasted potatoes and buttered spinach.
Mediterranean lamb shanks
little boy’s serve (one shank) 27.00 big boy’s serve (two shanks) 33.00
Slow cooked with garlic and vegetables in a red wine jus. Served with olive oil mash and gremolata.
Lamb kidneys 24.00
Pan seared lamb kidneys with garlic, field mushrooms, smoked bacon in a tomato cream sauce with olive oil mash, toasted ciabatta and a tomato chilli onion jam.
Pollo e funghi 34.00
Fresh chicken breast, oven roasted with herb fondant potatoes. Served with seasonal greens and a porcini and marsala seeded mustard cream sauce.
Pancetta di maiale 36.00
Open range pork belly. Twice cooked. Served with carrot puree, buttered spinach, fondant potatoes, Granny Smith apple chutney and Rochdale apple cider jus.
Agnello marinato 37.00
Canterbury Lamb tenderloin marinated in green herb olive oil, chargrilled medium rare, served with grilled rosemary parmesan polenta and a braise of peppers, onion, tomato olives and capers. Finished with a red wine jus.
Melanzane parmigiana 26.50
Grilled eggplant layered with tomato, fresh basil and Clevedon Coast buffalo mozzarella and oven baked.


From the grill

Wakanui Mid Canterbury 300g Sirloin 41.00
Grain finished, aged 21 days
Canterbury 300g Angus Ribeye 42.00
Grain finished, aged 21 days
Steaks served with your choice of:
Hand cut chips, caramelised onion confit, chargrilled tomato, garlic brandy mustard butter.
Rosemary roasted potatoes, roast garlic and thyme portobello mushrooms, salsa verde, cabernet sauvignon jus.
* For a well done steak, please allow adequate time for correct cooking


For the table

Roast baby gourmet potatoes tossed with garlic, rock salt and rosemary 8.50 (v)
Golden fries served with house made smoked garlic aioli 9.50 (v)
Rocket, pear, blue cheese salad 10.50 (v)
Truffle parmesan fries 11.00 (v)
Broccoli and toasted garlic almonds 10.00 (v)